Austin Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment

Fleas are parasites that act like gold diggers, doing all they can to get what they want. It’s not that hard for them, either. The weather in Austin, Texas, is ideal for these tiny parasites to thrive.

Monsters like this are harmful in many ways. They cause flea allergy dermatitis, which causes hair loss and welts in your pets. Infested fleas are infamous for passing tapeworms to your pets. A flea infestation on your pet can lead to blood loss and anemia.

These pests tend to attack pests more than humans, so when you see your pet itching uncontrollably, it might be time to call the Austin, Texas, pest control experts. BUGCO® Pest Control can eradicate the problem at its roots, saving your pets from unbearable pain and ensuring the overall safety of your home.

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    Flea in Hair

    Why Are Fleas a Problem?

    Fleas mimic vampires, feeding on the blood of animals to survive. These nasty little creatures affect pets and people alike. Fleas do not have wings but don’t underestimate their speed to travel distances. Because they have strong legs, they can jump from one place to another. That is how they travel from one animal or person to another. 

    Usually, pets bring these parasites home. They are small and can hide in the upholstery. It can be easy for fleas to go unnoticed for an extended period unless a potentially visible manifestation occurs. On top of that, their armored bodies are tough to crush. Eradicating fleas takes an expert.

    How BUGCO® Deals With Fleas

    Fleas are a problem for the animals you love – primarily dogs and cats. Their bites are known for carrying parasites that are fatal to mammals. But because of their small size, they can be challenging to pin down. 

    Because they are hard to find, they are also hard to exterminate. As Austin, Texas, pest specialists, we offer interior and exterior flea eradication methods. Leave the work to us – simply remove any items from your floors before we begin the interior treatment and wait outside while we evict these uninvited guests.

    If you have opted for an exterior flea treatment, ensure that children and pets stay away from the wet grass for a few days. You can also combine our yard treatment with other outdoor pest treatments. 

    Rid Your Austin Home of Fleas and Other Pests

    BUGCO® Pest Control knows that fleas, among all other pests, can threaten human health and safety. That is why we offer treatments to eliminate these nuisances from your property and life. Pests can spread a range of bacteria with their stings or bites – it’s a much better idea to take preventive measures rather than seeking a cure afterward.

    BUGCO® Pest Control is a veteran-owned company devoted to protecting your family and home. With strive to offer the best pest control service in Austin, Texas, at affordable prices and offer the latest strategist, knowledgeable staff, and fast service.  If you need help with a pest problem, call us today.

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