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Termites may look tiny, but they are capable of causing costly damages. Being prepared for termites can help you save on a lot of expenses; not making enough preparations, on the other hand, can be an expensive mistake.

BUGCO® Pest Control offers the best termite control programs in Austin, Texas. Additionally, our Termite Pledge ensures businesses and homeowners receive an incentive for termite-proof homes. By qualifying for this service, you can take advantage of necessary termite treatments free of added costs.

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    Termites Can Cost You Money

    A United States Department of Agriculture study revealed that US residents spend around $1 billion on termite repairs and control every year. Termites are the main reason for the damage caused to almost 600,000 homes in the country. They are especially harmful in Austin, Texas, as termites prefer warm and humid climates. Once the termites start infesting a property, it becomes difficult and costly to eradicate them.

    That said, residential termite treatments can cost more than $1,000. Not to mention the additional warranty renewals, which can be as pricey as $100. Plus, insurance policies for homeowners do not often cover damages caused by termites.  Therefore, to avoid such costly expenditures, you must take the necessary preventive measures. Termite prevention will help you curb losses in the future.

    The Termite Pledge

    What is BUGCO® Pest Control’s Termite Pledge?

    BUGCO® Pest Control is a licensed commercial pest control company, known in Austin, Texas, for its skilled technicians capable of handling the trickiest pest control processes. The Termite Pledge allows Austin, Texas, BUGCO® Pest Control customers the opportunity to avoid termites and unnecessary expensive treatments. To qualify for this service, enroll in our Convenience Agreement and Residential Pest control, which will help you identify the conditions that make your property vulnerable to termites.

    To qualify for this service in Austin, Texas, ensure you’re avoiding these four major conditions:
    1. Weep holes that help termites to access the lumber of your home’s structure.
    2. Water sources near your house that provide easy entry points for termites.
    3. Heavy foliage or clutter in the exterior parts of the house, which will cause a hindrance during a termite inspection.
    4. Rotten wood around your windows or eaves needs replacement or painting.
    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    Plan Ahead And Save!

    Our termite pledge is quarterly. Compared to other termite treatments in Austin, Texas, we reduce the unnecessary expenses of treating these insects by ensuring your home is well-protected. Our termite protection services are as low as 27 cents a day. No kidding! If we discover subterranean termites during our quarterly service, we will treat them at no additional costs.

    Get ahead of serious termite infestations that can cause severe damage to your Austin, Texas property.  Contact BUGCO® Pest Control as soon as you discover these wood-destroyers – or before- to ensure the overall protection of your business or home.

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